Title: Get Organized At Your PC – 7 Big Tips

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Seven big effective ways to get and stay organized on your PC.

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Copyright 2006 Michael Madigan

Get organized! There’s so much to do, so little time on your computer. Time is precious, you can’t save it, only waste it.

Here are seven big tips to help get you organized on your PC:

1. Practice the C.O.P.E. method – Capitalize on the ability of everyone to help you, Organize your work space for healthy computing, Prioritize tasks which are important, urgent, both or neither, and Energize yourself by getting plenty of rest, eating and drinking all of the right things and exercising regularly. Plenty of mini breaks, exercise on and off the PC, and staying focussed will contribute to a sense of continual wellbeing

2. Take some time to block distractions and dangers. Install a firewall to your computer, or have one installed (Windows XP has one but it’s switched off by default, and there are better ones around) to make yourself invisible to hackers and intruders. Add mail filtering software to cut right down on junk email and SPAM. (There are free and paid-for versions of both, search on the Net and read the reviews and customers’ comments.) Do not open attachments or links in unknown emails. Even check out warnings of dangers on virus hoax sites. Check for bug fixes and upgrades to the software – it will usually come at no cost.

3. Make quick notes. With so many tasks in any given day, why should you try to keep every little detail in your memory bank? Use an online software memo pad. Download freeware that’ll let you do a pop up or ‘Post-It’ note on your screen. You may find the software will also retain your notes in one folder. Whever you remember something needs to be done, the very best thing to do is write or type it down. Then, just as you need to recall it, it will be there for you in an instant. Or slap sticky notes on your monitor – but bin them when they are done!

4. Remove clutter.Many people say that one of their favorite things to do when stressed out is to clean! Hard to imagine yes? Well, it is true. Cleaning gives order and purpose to your life, even if you only do a bit at a time. Tidy your desk, clean out store or remove dead or surplus information from your PC. Get and regularly run software that removes dead links, duplicate files and empty folders, spyware, captures or blocks viruses and other intruders, and cleans and defragments your hard drive. Most of this can be scheduled to run automatically or when you aren’t there. Your computer will work better too!

5. Organize future warnings. There are many good and free e-mail reminder services available. You can type in what you want to remember, such as a welcome party, anniversary or special event, and you will receive an e-mail reminder when the date is approaching. This is a great way to use the Internet as a memory jogger.

6. Use timers and alarms. Take advantage of alarm clocks and timers throughout your day to stay organized at your work. Have to have a report ready by 12 noon? Set your pop up PC alarm clock as a memory jogger to remind you. Want to leave for an anniversery meal by 8 p.m.? Set your offline timer to beep a few minutes before it is time to start to get off and get ready.

7. Visual memory joggers. Visual reminders will help you remember and stay focused . Use visual reminders for remembering your goals. If your goal is to take a trip to a Ireland in a few years, keep a magazine photograph of Ireland right on your desk. If your goal is to lose 30 lbs. in six months, find a picture or ornament that will help remind you of this goal each day.

Get organized, and you’ll feel better, have more free time and continue your successful and healthy computing 2006 and beyond!

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